Finding Meaning

A year ago, I published the first public post on this site. While I haven’t become a prolific blogger since then, this experiment has helped me frame questions, explore answers, and grow.

Here are some of the questions that I have grappled with and some of the answers I have come to:

  • If I didn’t have my work, who would I be? What is important to me? What activities would I want to prioritize no matter where I am? How would I want to spend my time?
    • Being outdoors, connecting with natural spaces, gardening and having a little plot of land to care for
    • Learning about plants and bugs and birds and connecting with other people about them
    • Bending the arc towards justice; working towards a more fair and just world. The first five or so years of my working life was spent immersed in the advocacy world: building connections, messages, and coalitions, and when possible, I have tried to incorporate the broader goals into my work since then.
    • Of course, I’m also a parent to our kids and a partner to Andres!
  • I have worked so hard to build a group of friends in our current location. If we were somewhere else, how would I make that social transition?
    • I would have to find ways to make new connections and form new community, especially as Andres will be connecting with his friends and community.
  • What are the old esquemas I’ve been hanging on to? Are they still useful? What can I glean from the advice of people who have made drastic changes in their lives?
    • Purposefully engage with technology, culture, the news, and new platforms as they come out, per Our Next Life, as a way of intentionally staying relevant.
  • What do I want this space to be for going forward?

Meanwhile, we have a global pandemic, the black lives matter movement, and an upcoming election take center stage. These have all informed some of the answers above, but many of the answers were baked in by previous experiences.


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