Un País Libre – Pequeña Serenata Diurna

What does Un Pais Libre mean, and what does it mean to us?

Un país libre comes from a Silvio Rodriguez song named Pequeña Serenata Diurna.

In both English and Spanish:

Pequeña Serenata Diurna

Vivo en un país libre
Cual solamente puede ser libre
En esta tierra, en este instante
Y soy feliz porque soy gigante.

Amo a una mujer clara
Que amo y me ama
Sin pedir nada – o casi nada,
Que no es lo mismo pero es igual.

Y si esto fuera poco
Tengo mis cantos que poco a poco
Muelo y rehago habitando el tiempo
Como le cuadra a un hombre despierto.

Soy feliz, soy un hombre feliz,
Y quiero que me perdonen
Por este día
Los muertos de mi felicidad.

Little Daily Serenade

I live in a free country
Which can only be free
On this land, in this instant
And I am happy because I am giant.

I love a clear woman
Who I love and who loves me
Asking nothing – or almost nothing,
Which is different but also the same.

And as if that weren’t enough
I have my songs which little by little
I grind up and remake inhabiting time
As it befits an awake man.

I am happy, I am a happy man
And I hope that I may be forgiven
On this day
By those who have died for my happiness.

For this song to be named “Little Daily Serenade” and to be such a powerful ode to love, living, joy, fulfillment, connectedness, and freedom – anchored by the here and now, is a testament to the talent, abilities, and humility of the songwriter.

(Gender references: When I think about or sing this song, I switch the gender references to be appropriate to who I am and who I love. I encourage you to do the same.)

The song also holds many memories tied up in it. Two of our wonderful friends singing this as an impromptu duet in 2005. Many memories of Andres playing this on the guitar, surrounded by friends. Singing it as a lullaby to get the kiddos to sleep. And more to come, I’m sure.

I hope this sheds some light on why we choose these words to represent us. We can often get caught up and bogged down in the daily grind. Poetry like this helps us realize that we are here by choice, and that simple freedom can make all the difference.

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